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Download – WordPress Pro Event Calendar v2.9.9

Download WordPress Pro Event Calendar v2.9.9 | Codecanyon Premium WordPress Plugin

WordPress Pro Event Calendar v2.9.9 plugin adds a professional and sleek calendar to your posts or pages. And 100% Responsive, also you can use it inside a widget. This plugin Features are Elegant & Sleek Design, Easy to manage Events, Import events from an ICS feed or Facebook, Sync a calendar with a ICS live URL, User Roles , Bookings – Allow users to book events, Export Bookings list to Excel (XLS), Limit the number of bookings in an event, Draggable / Touchable, Google Map support, RTL support, Upcoming Events Widget, Today Events Widget, Subscribe to a calendar, Mailchimp Supported, Recurring Events , iCal feed export / import, RSS Support, Built-in cache, WPML support Simple to Customize and much more. you can also Download previous version of this plugin WordPress Pro Event Calendar v2.9.5. for more information about this WordPress plugin please click On Button.

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